Professional Learning Community Goals and Action

Here are my PLC goals for EDU 584 this semester:
  • Commit to spending more time accessing Google+ Communities
  • Identify new Twitter chats to participate in, or generally participate in a wider assort of them (in general, I just want to avoid having #edchatme be my only chat)
  • Find at least one Twitter chat for each day of the week (weekdays), and participate in at least one new chat for each day of the week this semester.
  • Get back into blogging and publish a new post at least once a month
  • Look for YouTube live streams of teachers 
  • Find educational Podcasts worth listening to.
  • Share what I find with the class!
I have been off-and-on with Twitter chats, Google+ Communities, and blogging for awhile now.  When I am coming off of a school vacation, or am just starting a new school year, I am able to keep up with being involved in my PLC for a little bit.  I participate in Twitter chats, find all sorts of resources, and blog when I can.  As work and school commitments intensify, however, I find it harder to keep up, and usually disappear down the rabbit hole for awhile until everything settles down.  I am hoping that I can commit to a plan and the goals I outlined above to stay connected, even when things get busy (and let's be honest; when aren't things busy?).

Twitter Chats I am interested in (organized by day and time)

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8 - 9 pm: #edtechchat
As the hashtag suggests, a Twitter chat about educational technology

8 - 9 pm: #LEARNLap
A chat for the book Learn Like a Pirate (which I have and will eventually read!)

8:30 - 9:30 pm: #edchatme
Weekly chat for Maine teachers

10:00 - 11:00: #edtechafterdark
Another educational technology chat (that I will probably be in bed before most of the time!) 
8:30 - 9:30 pm: #ruraledchat
A chat about issues in rural education

9:00 - 10:00 pm:
A chat to discuss the use of Google Tools in education
8 - 9 pm: #csk8
A chat discussing Computer Science Education grades K-8

9 - 10 pm: #1to1techat
A chat discussing the use of 1:1 devices in the classroom

9 - 10 pm:  #dtk12chat
A chat about using Design Thinking in education
Hmm...these look empty. Any ideas for great chats?  Hmm...these look empty. Any ideas for great chats?

Other Chats and Hashtags I'm interested in:
#scratchedchat - a chat about Scratch computer programming. Next chat is Valentine's Day!

Twitter Chats I have participated in (summaries in Storify):
#ruraledchat Feb. 14:  Teaching the Teacher
#edchatme Feb. 27:  Defining Proficiency
#edchatme Mar. 6: Feedback & Grading
#1to1techat May 10: Creation as Assessment