Outcome 4

Identify and use technology resources as part of the global community to enhance professional growth.

This is an area that I really felt like I could've done a better job in.  It's not that I'm unfamiliar with online professional learning communities; I've been on Twitter for years, have a Feedly account to manage RSS feeds, and I blog, more regularly some times than others.  The tools and resources we were introduced to at the beginning of the course are not new to me, and in some instances are things I've been trying to push my own staff to do.

My workload at work got out of control in a way that I didn't expect this summer.  There were weeks in which I didn't actually get in to see what the assignments were in Google Classroom until that Saturday.  I felt so rushed to complete assignments most of the summer, and when that happens, my instinct is to complete the assignments and ignore the conversation.  I'm really disappointed in my ability to keep up with the work, because in many ways I felt more isolated from the rest of the class because I was never able to come back around an engage in the conversation.

What's most frustrating is that I feel like this class got something right that most classes that I have taken have gotten very wrong.  The use of social media and the structure of conversations in Google Classroom felt much more natural, and not forced like other classes.  I strongly believe that well-designed classes will have a natural flow to conversations to the extent that responses aren't something that have to be put in the syllabus as required.  I'm really tired of taking classes where I feel like I spend my time responding to talking points and canned responses, and this was a break from all of that, but I was not able to contribute the way that I hoped I could.