Outcome 2

Model project development that incorporates various technologies as tools to enhance students’ research, critical thinking, problem solving, analysis, collaboration, communication, and presentation skills

In my PBL Project Plan, I lay out a number of technology tools that could be used by students to help them learn about how video games work, and how to create their own.  What I like most about these tools is that they are active tools.  They're not just a bunch of videos or recorded lectures for students to listen to while they doze off and think about other things.  Students are designing games as they learn about the elements of game design in Gamestar Mechanic.  They're utilizing mathematical practices and manipulative variables while learning how to use conditional programming to create level-up sequences in Scratch.  They're using the entire school, the playground, and the community as their classroom as they explore how Augmented Reality applications may impact the future of video gaming with Aurasma.  In Outcome 1, I also lay out a number of technology tools that I would use during the other steps of the IBL process, when students are formulating their "I wonder" questions and synthesizing themes.