5. L - What Do We Expect to Learn / What Have We Learned?

Using the 21st Century Skills rubrics on Theme Spark, I found a lot of opportunities for students to be practicing the 4Cs, so I made a rubric for these.  I'm not very well versed in the Common Core State Standards or the Next Gen Science Standards, and how teachers are using them in the classroom, so I feel like I would need to work with classroom teachers on creating rubrics in these subject areas if we are doing an IBL project in their classroom.

21st Century Skills Rubric

I would give students one quiz during the project, which would be a quick check of their understanding of the elements of game design from Gamestar Mechanic.  From there, I would use two other tools to assess what students are doing.  First, I would use SeeSaw, in which students would capture artifacts of their work and post and annotate them.  Second, I plan to create a Scratch studio to keep track of the games students are working on in Scratch.  Studios are collections of Scratch projects that you can invite others to contribute to.  So, by creating a Scratch studio, students will be able to see and remix each others' projects, and I would be able to review the source coding to see if they are understanding the concepts.  i can even use the studio to create starter template projects for them to copy and build off of on their own.