2. K - What Do We Think We Know?

There are lots of potential driving questions that we could use to inspire students with technology, including the ones posed in part 1.  To advance in the project, however, we need to narrow down to one single driving question that all students work on.  From this point on, I am assuming that students have narrowed down to wanting to learn more about how video games work.

I intended to use Today's Meet to create a backchannel to collect responses from students about what they think they already know about video games.  I actually created a room and posted into Google Classroom.  However, I didn't get enough responses from my classmates to really post anything of use here, and in any case I didn't discover that a paid subscription was required to access room transcripts after the fact until it was too late.  I think I'll look at a tool like Padlet or Google Forms if I did this with students.

Anyways, some examples of things students might already know about video games (correctly or incorrectly) include:
  • There are different types of games (like First-Person Shooters and Sandbox games)
  • Some games you can play online with others
  • Some games get harder the more you play them
  • There are different consoles that you play the games on
  • Video games are like computer programs
  • You can play games on your cell phone
  • Some games make you pay money to unlock new levels
  • Some games have achievements unlock when you beat levels and stuff.